Video tutorials

Welcome to my webpage hosting my electronics and programming video tutorials on YouTube.

About me

My name is Slav and I do programming for a living, mainly C++. I have been doing it professionally for over 20 years and much longer as my hobby. My first attempts were made when I got my hands on an 8-bit Atari micro and went along these lines: 

10 PRINT "Hello World!"
20 GOTO 10 

Shortly after I discovered the power of the 6502 assembler. Programming has always been and still is fitting in well with my other passion: electronics.

Even back in the Atari days, both of them together gave birth to some interesting projects like short-wave radio receiver with RTTY transmission decoder, where the received bits were fed into my Atari through the joystick port and the software (written in the assembler obviously) decoded them into characters and displayed live on the screen. I still have some transmissions received and saved to files which I recently salvaged from my old 5.25″ floppies.

After the Atari it was time for a PC-compatible. My first machine was an Intel 80486 DX2, 66MHz with 4MB of RAM. I continued my interest in assembler on this new platform, but with the arrival of Windows 95 I also started looking into C++ as well. My curiosity of low-level stuff accidently got me my first job in the industry, before I even started looking for one. After all these years I finally decided to have a go and share my passion with the world, having no expectations that anyone might find it interesting.

And so here we are.