Raspberry Pi Pico

Tutorial videos in which I discuss Raspberry Pi Pico module and its RP2040 ARM microcontroller. Initially it is focused on using the Pico in my other series: Slador188 - The Intel 80188 single board computer as a peripheral device using its PIO block to implement the 80188 data/address bus signals to be able the two to talk to each other.


All the source code and schematics for this series can be found on GitHub here:


or, if the source code is used in my Intel 80188 computer, here:


Software used in this series: 

PIO explained

Introduction to Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller and its PIO - Programmable I/O block. In this first video of the series I:

Raspberry Pi Pico talks to Intel 80188 as I/O device

The Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller talks to the Intel 80C188 as an I/O device using its PIO - Programmable I/O block. You will see:

FreeRTOS on Raspberry Pi Pico

This video shows how easy it is to create Raspberry Pi Pico projects running FreeRTOS.

It shows the "Hello World" basic applications to start your own designs from for Raspberry Pi Pico with and without FreeRTOS.