7400 logic chips 

Introduction to digital electronics in a tutorial style series of videos aimed mostly at beginners. Logic gates, their truth tables and other digital components explained using the TTL 7400 series of integrated circuits and shown working on a breadboard.

Part 1 - Introduction

In this first video of the series I'm talking about different families of the TTL 7400 integrated circuits and the differences between them.

Part 2 - The NOT gate

This video discusses the most simple logic gate: the NOT gate or - the inverter - using the 7404 chip from the TTL series of logic integrated series.

Part 3 - The AND and NAND gates

In this video about we are looking at the AND and NAND gates. I used the 7400 and 7408 TTL logic chips to demonstrate how the gates work.

Part 4 - The OR and NOR gates

In this video we take a closer look at the OR and NOR gates. In these experiments on a breadboard I used the 7432 and 7402 TTL chips.

Part 5 - The XOR gate

This video shows how the XOR gate works using the 7486 chip.

Part 6 - Open collector, three-state outputs and Schmitt Trigger inputs

What is open-collector or tri-state output? What is the difference between the two? These are the questions this video answers to. We also experiment with an inverter with Schmitt Trigger input.

Part 7 - Logic gates built using only NAND gates

In this video we build all the basic logic gates using only NAND gates.